Voice over IP / Telephone Systems

Voice over IP / Telephone Systems

Sooner or later your telephone connection will be transitioned to Voice over IP. In principle, IP telephony offers a lot of advantages. If both discussion participants telephone over the same network and use IP telephony, this results in better sound quality.

Features such as call forwarding, blocking of certain numbers or prefixes or parallel ringing on multiple phones are no longer a time-consuming problem. You are basically able to use your personal IP telephone from any Internet access -> 'nomadic use'.

Being available on the road, throughout the country and abroad, on your landline number in addition to your mobile number and being able to conduct outgoing calls at landline rates - provided that a mobile data connection or a wireless network is available - can be of great advantage.

But Voice over IP also has its drawbacks.
The sound quality can often vary or even stop completely. In case of a breakdown of the Internet connection there usually are no short response times to eliminate the disturbance. This might cause long bottlenecks.

Devices such as fax machines or alarm systems still require analogue connections. These devices now have to be replaced at the owner's expense.

Cloud-based IP telephony providers offer you a monthly fee per telephone. This seems appealing at first glance. On the basis of a reasonable commercial assessment however, you will soon notice that your company's cloud-based IP telephony costs will rise significantly.

S-TEC GmbH offers you an alternative to cloud-based solutions.

Replace your telephone system with a communication solution by Panasonic. These hybrid systems are designed for conventional as well as IP-based infrastructures. Thus you are prepared for the IP transition. You are able to continue using all existing structures and do not have to pay monthly fees for cloud services.

  • Future-oriented investment due to scalable architecture
  • Investment protection due to the integration of existing IT-infrastructure
  • Integration of mobile phones and smartphones for complete availability
  • Integrated voicemail solution for secure data transmission