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Virtualization - We optimise your IT-infrastructure

kompetenz veeamWe optimise your IT-infrastructure using proven virtualization solutions based on VMware®, vSphere or Hyper-V by Microsoft.

Virtual servers operating on a single hardware server help you save space and electricity costs at the same time.

Vmware PartnerThis enables you to use your own IT-infrastructure more efficiently. Server capacities are put to optimum use due to the possibility of providing and managing resources as required.

Virtualization can lead to significant hardware savings and is thus an important measure with regard to environmental protection.

A reduction of IT costs, hardware savings and the optimal use of the existing IT-infrastructure.

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During a server virtualization, applications and services are separated from the physical resources. This allows a dynamic and flexible allocation of server resources, such as processors, random access memories, hard disks and I/O components, on a logical level.

Virtualized systems are therefore no longer bound to the hardware and much more flexible to handle.

  • Consulting and requirement analysis
  • Migration of your server environment to a virtual environment
  • Reduction of IT costs, hardware savings
  • Increase in availability (high availability concepts)