Our service - Consulting

Consulting - IT system house and a business that develops software

S-TEC GmbH is not only an IT system house but also a business that develops software. This combination enables you to use our knowledge, our experience and our contacts as factors of success for your software projects.

As an external consultant, we can help contribute missing know-how and carry out projects with a higher probability of success.

We are able to take your individual requirements into account and to meet them through adjustment programming or through the development of interfaces.

In this way, you receive a user-oriented solution with an appropriate user acceptance. We check possible incompatibilities with existing systems in advance and thus ensure an optimal production environment.

We pay particular attention to a complete documentation of all relevant information in order to ensure transparency and avoid dependencies.

Use our experience in order to perform a holistic cost consideration.

Combine your industry know-how and your knowledge of the specific processes and cultures of your industry with our core competencies as early as in the planning phase in order to limit the investment and the risks.

Using our service portfolio, we support you in acting in a fast, flexible and long-term profitable manner.

  • Expertise as an IT system house and as a software developer
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Migration and roll-out planning
  • Project management, project supervision, project support
  • Conception, development and integration of software