Electronic logbook - developed for you


100% suitable for the tax office, absolutely forgery-proof

Our logbook is absolutely forgery-proof and guaranteed to meet all tax office requirements for keeping an electronic logbook. Recent court judgments concerning electronic logbooks emphasize the importance of placing one's trust in a high-quality product.

More than 10,000 devices sold in the market

Every year, thousands of satisfied customers use GPS-CarMagic for their logbook. Because quality, security, reliability and the best possible service rank first for us.

Exploits the complete saving potential of a logbook solution

GPS-CarMagic has sophisticated functions, such as split journeys, turn registration or tunnel automation, in order to automatically make the logbook as precise as possible.
This is what sets GPS-CarMagic apart from other systems on the market.

Not only saves money, but also a lot of time

GPS-CarMagic transfers the data fully automatically and promptly. Just as requested by the tax office.