GPS-CarControl TachoDownload


The easy and modern way to read out the tachograph of your fleet


Automatic download

Mass data and driver cards are loaded automatically from the vehicle and are directly available to the disposition.

Extensive Reports

Diverse reports provide information on the workload of the employees, fuel costs and the employees' handling of the vehicles.

Storage of the data

All data is being saved properly and to an unlimited extent so that you can access it at any time. Furthermore, the data can easily be exported to an external archiving programme.

No additional transmission costs

The flat-rate fees cover all transmission costs within the framework of an ordinary usage of the tachograph download. A surcharge may be levied after a certain amount of downloads has been exceeded.

Access throughout Europe

The built-in mobile phone card allows you to access mass data and driver cards throughout Europe by default.

Quick installation

A prefabricated cable harness facilitates the installation of GPS-CarControl.