(The history of the S-TEC GmbH)


Foundation of S-TEC GmbH

The company's activities initially include the development and implementation of services in the area of archiving of accounting documents, files and inbound documents, etc.

Added to this are the consulting, the installation, the training and the distribution of archiving systems and EDP systems.


Opening of a local store in Hamburg - Bergedorf

The management decides to further accelerate the distribution of EDP systems and to offer the experienced gained in this field to end customers as well. This results in a local store in Hamburg - Bergedorf.

Additional employees are employed in order to improve customer service and the complete processing within the company.


Acceleration of customer service, training organisation

By now the team of S-TEC GmbH provides guidance to more than 400 companies from various industries and of different sizes with more than 6,500 EDP systems in total.

Due to cooperations and growth the employees are working regionally and nationally. The area of EDP technology is being expanded continually.

In cooperation with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce we are able to offer professional training in different areas: as IT system technician, IT system electronics technician and IT salesman.


Software development

With the distribution of Lexware Business Solutions, S-TEC GmbH takes on a new field of activity - individual order and adjustment programming.

This form of agile software development leads to a rapid expansion of the software and development department at S-TEC GmbH through highly qualified employees.

S-TEC GmbH succeeds in retaining young talents and top developers.


A new head office

S-TEC GmbH obtains a new head office.

The continual growth of S-TEC GmbH has pushed the former head office to its limits.

The new company building is characterised by spatial generosity and offers space for further growth.


A new branch office

The project business is becoming increasingly important to S-TEC GmbH. Customer proximity is an important competitive factor.

Therefore the management decides to expand the catchment area and opens up a new branch office in Wittenburg in order to cover the area of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin.


Launch of GPS-CarMagic

Since the foundation of the company, the departments of IT technology and application programming have been continually enhanced and successfully established in the market.

Now S-TEC GmbH ventures into completely new territory. With the launch of its in-house development "GPS-CarMagic - The electronic driver's logbook“ S-TEC GmbH develops its own product, consisting of hardware and software, from the initial idea to the product's market maturity.

The launch is a full success and the product GPS-CarMagic, in an upgraded version, is still being sold very successfully today.


Presentation of GPS-CarControl

The market potential for GPS-based systems has been recognised and the efforts in this sector have been accelerated significantly.

S-TEC GmbH proudly presents its newest in-house development at the IAA 2008 – the fleet management system GPS-CarControl.

The product GPS-CarControl opens up completely new markets for S-TEC GmbH. The company now has to solve the task of organising the established, conservative IT technology department and the new, fast-growing GPS department.


A new branch

In order to meet the growing demands in the area of software development despite a shortage of skilled professionals, S-TEC GmbH opens up a new branch in Latvia.


Development of employoo

In cooperation with a large personnel service provider, S-TEC GmbH develops the candidate managegement software employoo.


Presentation of idothings

S-TEC GmbH expands its data center capacities and starts a cooperation with Deutsche Telekom.

Another product reaches market maturity. The activity management software Idothings is presented to the public.


New reinforcement for our team

S-TEC GmbH is striving for further growth and effectiveness. The team welcomes two new employees in the fields of marketing and support.



S-TEC continues to grow

S-TEC GmbH opens up a new branch with four additional employees in Gotha. We thereby expand our service team and our sales department in order to be able to serve also the central and southern German market.